About me

Hello, I’m Louise and I am a lifestyle blogger and physiotherapist living in the french alps.  I live in the mountains with my husband and our two energetic little girls! I have been living and working in the alps for over 10 years.  Until recently, I ran a successful physiotherapy practice in the world class ski resort of Val d’Isère.  After much deliberation, I sold the practice in 2017 to allow me to give more time to my family.

We recently relocated to the Portes du Soleil region, ready to take on new ALPine adventures.  I have spent the summer months getting to know our new ALPine playground and I have already fallen in love with the area.   We are extremely lucky to be raising our girls in the mountains, with the stunning scenery, endless activities and outdoorsy lifestyle on offer.

Why have I started ALP?

I’ve worked as a physiotherapist for over 16 years.  Most of my career has focused around ALPine sports, especially skiing.  I started ALP as a means of sharing both my clinical and alpine lifestyle knowledge on social media.  However, a close friend inspired me to set up a website and start a regular blog.  As I start to transition back to clinical work following my maternity leave, it seems like the perfect time to take ALP to the next level.  As a physiotherapist with only basic computer literacy I have a lot to learn, but I am excited to take on this challenge.

Lifestyle blogger and physiotherapist in the french alps

I love my job as a physiotherapist, but I often wish I had more time with my patients. I would like to spend more time discussing lifestyle influences, both in terms of injury recovery and on general well-being.  ALP will allow me to combine being a lifestyle blogger and a physiotherapist.  It will give me the opportunity to share more of my knowledge and provide a resource hub for anyone looking for injury management advice.

My inspirational friend (The Money Whisperer) has also motivated me to learn more about internet safety.  I feel that this is extremely important as my girls grow up.  I want to be able to help them stay safe online in this wonderful yet scary digital age and I decided that building a website and writing a blog was a good place to start learning more.

What will ALP blogs be about?

ALP will provide information on ALPine sports including topics such as fitness, reducing injury risk and ways to manage injuries if they occur.  I will be writing about general health, lifestyle and ‘la vie en France’. There will also be information about our personal family ALPine adventures with tips on how to make the most of living in or visiting the mountains.

I hope that you enjoy learning.  I welcome any suggestions of topics that you would like to hear about and I greatly value comments and feedback. Please use our Contact page to get in touch.


My girls

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