Stocking filler and Christmas presents ideas for skiers

12 great stocking filler ideas for skiers

The countdown to Christmas is on and ALP has come up with 12 great stocking filler ideas for skiers.  I have selected a range of gifts, including both sensible and practical ideas and more indulgent presents which should suit a range of tastes.  When possible, I do my best to support local businesses and I have only chosen products that I truly believe in.

I love Christmas shopping.  I love choosing gifts for people and I often start months in advance!  But for those of you that don’t like shopping or often leave it until the last minute, here are some ideas handpicked for you.

If you are spending Christmas in the mountains, most of these gifts are small enough to pack in your suitcase.  I have selected affordable gifts that should suit most budgets.  I’d love to know what you think or if you have any other recommendations.

Chocolate Fondu set

When you think about yummy meals out in the mountains, a cheese fondu may spring to mind.  But how about a chocolate version? I was given one of these over ten years ago, and we still love to get it out when we have guests for dinner.  A chocolate fondu makes an easy yet novel dessert. Kids love it too.  And I can convince myself that all the fruit that I am dipping in the chocolate means that it is not altogether unhealthy (who am I kidding).

Drop Cliffs Original Beanie

A planks beanie makes a great trendy gift for men, women and children.  Look on their website for a range of styles, colours and designs.

Planks Drop Cliffs Original Beanie

Planks Drop Cliffs Original Beanie


These are a rather practical gift, but they can be a lifesaver (or limb saver) on snowy and icy streets. I never took my crampons off in the snow during my pregnancies and I highly recommend that anyone with an injury wears them. However, they are not just for the pregnant or the injured.  Crampons are useful for everyone.

Here is an example;  your very own personal snow chains!  If these look a little too industrial, there are lots of different types available, however these have great reviews and are recommended on a variety of terrains; not just snow and ice.

Summit Velocity Frameless Ski Googles £60

If you are looking for a great gift which also supports a fantastic cause, look no further than the Summit Velocity goggles.  These are a limited edition goggle (only 100 pairs available), so order now to avoid disappointment.  All profits go to The Ellie Soutter Foundation which, in memory of Ellie is a charity set up to help relieve some financial pressure for young winter athletes.  The charity also aims to increase awareness of the mounting pressures that athletes are under. 
Christmas gift ideas for skiers

Ellie Soutter Summit Goggles

Jewellery or accessoires

Gifts don’t have to be practical.  A lovely pair of cufflinks or a pretty mountain necklace would make a lovely gift.

A Massage Voucher

If you have your ski trip booked, a quick google search will help you find a reputable massage company in resort.  A massage voucher is a perfect gift for a snow-sports lover to use during their next ski trip.

Obviously, in Morzine I recommend Mountain Rehab and in Val d’Isère Bonne Santé Alps.

Massage voucher for skiers

Massage Voucher

A massage stick

Light weight and easy to pop in your suitcase, a massage stick is a great gift for helping relieve achy muscles after a day on the slopes.  A massage stick would compliment a massage voucher nicely.

Mountain Girl Mug

Mountain Girl is run by a friend of mine based in Val d’Isere, however she also has a great online store.  Her products are inspired by a combination of her urban Parisian roots and love of the mountains.  Of course, I am biased but I wouldn’t recommend Mountain Girl if I didn’t think that their products weren’t great.  See for yourself: Mountain Girl

Mountain Girl offers a range of clothing and accessories for men, women and children.  We think that their mugs would make a perfect stocking filler for a mountain lover.

Platypus DuoLock Soft Collapsible Bottle

It is extremely important to stay hydrated when you are altitude, but not always easy to do so when you are whizzing around the slopes.  However, we found these light weight, collapsible water bottles which are extremely useful and have great reviews.


Even the most technical gloves can’t always prevent cold hands and a pair of handwarmer’s are the perfect solution.  We recommend that you buy reusable pouches.  This way, they can be reused day after day which is not only convenient, but better for the environment as well.


High factor Sun protection and Lip Balm

Whilst a suncream and lip balm combo may not be the most exciting gift, it is certainly one of the most useful.  Even on the coldest of days, the sun can still be extremely strong at altitude and therefore wearing suncream is highly recommended.  The higher the SPF the better.

Smartwool ski socks

These socks are recommended by my husband who is a ski instructor and therefore spends a lot of time in ski boots.  Smartwool socks are soft, comfortable and breathable whilst delivering maximum warmth and would therefore make a great stocking filler.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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